Two-Fisted Law

Session 2

The players, now aware that they are in possession of some strange object, decide to track down the fleeing bandits.

Wandering the Kansas plains on foot, they set out on foot to the north, following the tell tale signs of horses. After some trudging, they encountered what appeared to be a vicious tumbleweed and disposed of it promptly with a some flammable spirits.

The group stumbled across an old farmhouse and barn which appeared to be housing the bandits. They carefully sneaked around the buildings and scouted the situation. With some improvisation, the looped detonation cord around the house as the day turned to dusk. The ensuing explosion collapsed the farm house and they carefully picked off the survivors, leaving one for questions.

They pumped the man for information as they pilfered the bandits’ horses. He made mention of the Coyotes wanting the item from the train. The group decided to head south to the Oklahoma territories to ask them personally. Obviously, they had nothing better to do.


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