Get your pack ready for a trip…

As you settle in on the line from Kansas City to Denver, you get the strange feeling that this trip isn’t going to be a normal one. The folks around you appear to be of all breeds and caliber: low life thugs, ranchers, business men, and you think you even spotted a US Marshal or two. The hairs on your arms are pricked like a storm is upon you, and whatever business you may have had is going to become secondary very soon.

The Kansas landscape begins to slowly roll by as the steam engine screams to life, powered by burning ghost rock, screeching as it’s set aflame. Porters check tickets and doors as the journey begins, games of cards start up, and cheap whiskey begins to flow as men pack pipes. One gentleman opens a bible and begins reading intently, as another woman gazes out a nearby window.

Looking out, the sky is overcast, and a cold autumn has set in. Fog obscures anything more than a mile away, though it is questionable what there would normally be out there to see.

Again, that nagging sensation scratches at the back of your brain. What could it be?

Two-Fisted Law

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